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Dog Grooming services we offer

We offer a full service Dog Grooming shop.

We are a loving pet grooming facility est 1998. Our groomers take the utmost care for your fuzzy family members by bathing them, clipping nails, and styling them just to name a few services we offer.

Shaggy Waggle Pet Grooming offers full dog grooming sessions or single services. All breeds and ages welcome! All dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations. All services are offered separately as well.

A full Dog Grooming session includes

  • nail trimming
  • ear cleaning {and plucking}
  • pre-cut full body cut/trim
  • anal glands {externally} expressed
  • bath {shampoo, conditioner, and teeth brushing}
  • hand drying and fluffed
  • final cut / full body cut/trim
  • paw pad hair removal
  • bows, cologne, and a complimentary scarf


Our pricing is very reasonable. Please call with a detailed description of your dog, or better yet stop by with your pet and will give you a quote.
Extra Large dogs welcome!

Flea baths are given at no extra charge. Hypo allergenic shampoo is offered for sensitive skinned canines.

Additional services available
• Medicated baths
• Teeth Brushing
• De Shedding Treatment
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