7925 E. 21 St.
Tulsa, Ok. 74129
(918) 664-2005

7925 E. 21st St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129
Phone: (918) 664-2005


Gentle handling of puppies

Our groomers have many years of experience in gentle care handling of puppies. It is very important to introduce your puppy to the grooming process. You can help by gently holding their head with both hands and talking to them getting eye contact, once they relax and are comfortable, take your thumbs and gently rub down the nose and under the eyes, once they are comfortable with that you can take a warm wash cloth and gently wash under their eyes and mouth. This helps them get used to washing, combing, and scissoring their face.

If you are stressed or angry don't try it or they will think you are going to hurt them. only when you are calm and relaxed. Then rub their feet to get them used to trimming nails. This will help keep the grooming process with me a positive experience.

HOURS: Mon-Sat 7:30am- till last dog groomed
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